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Chris Koroneos

Director of Dining Services

Chris, a Director with Compass Group for over 10 years, has an in-depth and collective experience of over 20 years in Managed Services, specializing in the Food Services Sector in Higher Education, Business Development, Hospitality, Health Care and International Events. Chris is passionately committed to service excellence and enhancing the student experience. 

Lisa Crosbie

Manager - Campus Cafe, Tim Hortons & Electric Grill

Lisa has over 25 years’ experience working in higher education food service accounts as Manager, including Douglas College, Kwantlen University College, Simon Fraser University & now BCIT Campus Café & Tim Horton’s.  Lisa’s focus is always on customer service, marketing & merchandising.

She thoroughly enjoy working in educational accounts & look forward to each new semester & the new faces that it brings in to her units.

Shelley Fowler

Manger - Town Square Cafe, Triple O's, Bento Sushi, Austin Grill Express, Tim Hortons Express
Shelley started her career in food industry at a very early age and now has over 32 years of experience in the industry with last 30yrs with Compass Group Canada. She is very adventurous and enjoys Motorcycle riding/ATVing, fishing, boating. She was awarded Salaried Manager of the year award twice in 2010 & again in 2013. Her dream is seeing her teenagers graduate! And be successful in their lives. Big environmentalist and believe that we all need to do our part for Mother Nature.

Jeanine Anctil

Manager - The Rix, Gateway Deli

Jeanine has been with Compass Group Canada since November 2011, where she started as a barista and bartender at Victoria International Airport. Upon moving to Vancouver, she's found a home here at BCIT where she manages 3 of our coffee shops. Jeanine is passionate about local and sustainable food and that's something that transcends to all the coffee shop she manages

Chef Saburo Miura

Executive Chef
Born & raised in Japan. Chef Saburo brings his global experience from Tokyo, UK, Germany, Bangladesh, Micronesia & Singapore to Canada. He brings the perfect fusion of eastern & western culinary styles. He is passionate about every item he cooks to make sure it’s nothing but perfect!

Patrick Speer

Office Administrator and Catering Manager
Pat has been with Compass for 10 years. He enjoys coaching Special Olympics and is an active member of the Surrey Emergency Program and also the Emergency Program of B.C. He is also actively involved in Amateur Radio and is on the Board of Directors for the Surrey Emergency Program Amateur Radio. 


Commisary Supervisor


Commisary Supervisor

Annie Choy

Manager Marine Campus
Annie brings to us 20 yrs experience in food services & catering. She has diploma in cooking both eastern and western style cooking. She joined the company in 2005, and work her way through from cold room to Tim Horton’s and now managing Marine Campus North Vancouver. She brings in new menu offerings every day to build the interest. She remembers the name of most of the students, even when they come back after 6 month staying in the sea. Very enthusiastic and passionate about the quality of food she serves.

Janice Chan

Student Engagement Manager

Janice is the new marketing manager for BCIT Dining Services. Her job is to make sure students are having a great time in all dining locations throughout the campus. Get the latest foodie news, promos and contests from Janice on social media by following @bcit_dining.